Animal Print for each style type: Part 2

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Leopard, snakeskin or zebra ?

Animal prints are everywhere. No matter if high street or designer – we’re literally spoiled for choice. For everyone who’s still skeptical about this trend, let me tell you: YES animal print will fit your style. YES this is an trend worth investing in. And YES animal print can be truly versatile and therefore – once you’ve found the right piece (and right print of course) you’ll enjoy it for many many years to come.

Step 1: Make sure to do my Style Quiz – here to find out which Style Type you are.

Step 2: If you’re a Minimalist, Trendy or Bohemian – find inspiration & cool styling ideas here.

Step 3: Now, let’s go wild on animal print – shop all pieces below.

The Classic Girl

Animal Print for Classic Style Type
Inspiration Classic Style

I suggest the ever-classic leopard print. You can never go wrong with this. Maybe a silk blouse? Leopard printed flats (fall) or ankle boots (winter) are great for dressing up basic pieces like a white shirt and black pants. A good quality leopard print coat could also be considered a timeless piece, I guess.

The Eclectic

Animal Print for Eclectic Style

Oh yes, time to go wild. Ever tried mixing animal prints with other patterns? Well, you should. Maybe you want to recreate the look of the girl above – take a leopard print coat, a checked skirt and a simple striped long sleeve top et voilà your look.

The Romantic Girl

Animal Print Romantic Style Type
Inspiration Romantic Style

It doesn’t always have to be flower or polka dot print. Want to step out of your comfort zone a little? Then you might want to give that leopard print silky wrap dress a go. It’s such a nice (winter) alternative to your usual print choices. You’ll be surprised how great it will look.