How to layer like a pro

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Transitional wardrobe – It’s all about layering

Is it still winter? Or spring already? With this bipolar weather, it really seems impossible to get dressed in the morning. My ultimate tip for transitional wardrobe: Dress in layers. Layers, Layers and more layers.


It’s just the best way to tackle being fashionable and not freezing your butt off. Plus you already get to wear all these pretty spring dresses and silky blouses again. In theory, layering clothes is so easy – just wear a heavy cardigan over a fine knit sweater over a shirt over a top and so on. But let’s be honest, for most of us this does turn out everything else but flattering. How to really rock these layers?

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Here are 8 super simple tips & tricks how to layer like a pro:

  1. A black roll neck is an ultimate layering essential that works with almost everything!
  2. Think outside the box – Play around and don’t shy away from mixing different prints and patterns like stripes, florals or checks.
  3. The all-rounder: A white shirt. Always have one of these on hand. Combine it the classic way with trousers or wear it over or under a dress.
  4. In order not to look to bulky try to belt your cardigan or even your coat! A waist belt is an excellent way to add some definition.
  5. Wear your favorite spring or summer dress with jeans. The street style queens proofed, this trend really works.
  6. Use heels to elongate long layers! At least if you are not a six-foot-tall supermodel walking down the runway.
  7. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures. Contrasting fabrics bring out different dimensions in one other.
  8. Layer accessories too! Combine several necklaces (delicate shorter ones with slightly longer necklaces) to create a unique look.

And don’t forget – the weather will (hopefully) warm up so you might need to take off a piece of clothing or two. Therefore, a large bag to store the extra clothing might come in handy.

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