Statement Pieces

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It’s time to go bold or go home…

The unique statement piece often is the cherry on top of the cake (or an outfit). It has the ability to turn a good outfit into a really great one. With very little effort, even the most basic and simple looks can become a head turner. But what is a statement piece in the first place? What are the rules when it comes to using those stand-out pieces to elevate your look? How to make sure not to go over the top? And how to find the right one for your own style? I’ll answer all these questions.

What is a statement piece?

By definition, a statement piece is interesting, unique, fascinating and probably the most eye-catching element of your look. And yes, it might be the thing people notice first about your outfit. I personally love the little help from these “showstopper” friends to brighten up a classic wardrobe.

Statement pieces
How to upgrade my wardrobe with statement pieces?

What is the right statement piece for my style?

Everyone should own a touch of frivolity in their wardrobe. But the thing is, it doesn’t always have to be a pink faux fur jacket, snake print cowboy boots or a striking statement necklace. Maybe a colorful knit, a blazer with unique silhouette or some patent booties are more your cup of tea? Even red lipstick, a scarf or some cute earrings add fashion points to any look.
For a statement piece it is crucial that it works seamlessly with what’s already in your wardrobe. But a statement piece is also something that offers personality. Therefore, try not to be thinking too much about the latest trends here. Instead, when choosing a statement piece, make sure it represents who you are and that it makes you feel good about yourself. So, choose wisely.
One tip: Invest in something that is eye-catching, but versatile at the same time. Make it your specific trademark piece that you wear all the time.

How to avoid going over the top?

Tip 1: Only wear one statement piece at a time. You don’t want to look overcrowded and busy.
Tip 2: One statement a day: Makeup, clothes, jewelry? Choose ONE element that will be the eyecatcher.
Tip 2: Keep it simple! Statement accessories work best with simple clothes plain colors. If you wear an extravagant necklace with a patterned sweater, they’ll get lost in each other.

Now, to spark your imagination, let me present my top 12 statement pieces – from high street to designer. Oh yes, it’s time to go bold or go home…

Statement Pieces